Our LED Neon is made from proprietary PVC molding technology, most signs deliver with high quality acrylic as backing, we can also provide the neon signs without backing for professional clients.
Yes we can produce waterproof versions for outdoors events and outdoor permanent installation. Please specify your application when you submit your custom order inquiry.
Delivery from the time your order is placed is typically 3-4 weeks for design, production and shipping right to your door.
All of our signs connect directly into a standard power socket (With plug for each shipping country) and comes with a 12V transformer.
The lifetime of LED light last minimum of 30,000 hours. That’s equivalent to 10 years if you turn the neon signs for 10 hours per day. This is about 3 times longer lifespan than traditional gas neon signs. Normally if there is a problem it’s usually the transformer that fails, however these are replaceable items and we can supply replacements if necessary if outside the warranty period.
Not at all. Led is environmentally friendly and maintenance free.


We offer a 12 month guarantee on materials and workmanship on all of our neons signs. However, this does not extend to any damage that may occur as a result of incorrect installation or physical damage during usage.
Yes! We can ship all over the world – you’ll see options at checkout.


We have a total of 9 colours – Pink, Light green, Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Red, Yellow, Orange and White!
Yes, however some fonts and designs work better than others like script and sans-serif fonts. We will recommend/brush styles can’t be replicated precisely. We are more than happy advise and assist with our ideas.
Our custom made neon signs start at just 325 euro,- Sign cost varies depending on sign size and design complexity. Use the custom product page to get a price, or mail our team at custom@neondrizzy.com
You can order direct on our custom product page, or if you prefer you can email our team at custom@neondrizzy.com and we will help you through the process.